“Determine your goals and develop a plan”.

Eagle One Protection's security guards pride themselves in being the watchful eyes and ears while you are away.  While technology can deter incidents from occurring, they cannot stop them.  We are here to do more than your camera and find what your alarm didn't catch.  In order to give you the best protection possible, we take a one-on-one approach by developing, supporting, or augmenting security systems. 


If you or your company currently do not have a security provider, one of our agents will come to your home or business to assess and evaluate your property.   Eagle One Protection's security assessment is free to you and will help us to determine your goals, and develop a plan that is tailored to your needs. 


If you have already contracted a security provider but have doubts, our team can provide you with a discrete, unbiased examination of their services.  Your safety is important to Eagle One Protection.  We will use our multi-faceted experience to help you in any way possible.  If you have security measures in place and think it may be time for a change, our confidential consultants will answer any questions you might have with honesty and sincerity.  Plus give you suggestions on how to make your existing plan more effective.   By adding mobile patrols, or increasing your electronic measures, we are here to help.

Eagle One Protection - Foot Patrol Guards

Foot patrol officers focus on one particular property location or area, walking it on foot, providing, for more safety protections and more complete and detailed observations of crimes or potential safety hazards.

•Armed-Security Officers

•Unarmed-Security Officers


Eagle One Protection - Mobile Vehicle Patrol

Mobile Patrol units are used to perform random, unannounced patrols of residential and commercial properties, and for quick response to different locations when summoned to address and immediate or emergency security problems.

•Marked Vehicle

• Unmarked Vehicle

*If you have never previously contracted with a security provider - but you are thinking about the need for security on your property, please call us for a free Security Assessment to survey and evaluate the best security measures for you.

*If you have doubts about your current contract security guard vendor, we can assist you with an unbiased, discrete examination of your needs based on our extensive, multi-faceted experience.

*If you currently deploy security measures and would like suggestions to cost effectively change your mix of tactics between guards, mobile patrols, camera and electronic measures, Eagle One Protection can assist you.



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