Eagle One Protection, has long-term experience in serving the often very diverse needs of our customers.  Here are some examples of the customer base we serve:

 * Construction * Manufacturing * Warehousing 

Construction Sites, Manufactures and Warehousing have a lot of assets to protect -  proprietary information, expensive equipment vital to on-going operations, raw materials and finished goods, plants, and their most important resource - people.

* Office and Residential Complexes and High-Rises

Office or Residential High-Rises, Apartment Complexes, Condominium developments, private Communities and Retirement Villages require professional security resources that property management firms just don't possess.  Because of increasing crime rates for Petty Theft, Burglary, Vandalism, Arson, Trespass and Loitering, plus other safety considerations within residential complexes, professional security protection has become a necessity.

* Community Centers, Health Care Facilities, and Public Services Institutions

Security for homeless centers, other public service and non-profit facilities, museums, and private schools and colleges walk a fine line between being unobtrusive and deterring threats to individuals, facilities and assets.  Eagle One Protection has a special understanding of the security needs of hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities.  Specially trained personnel, led by capable supervisors, perform and effective security function while projecting a positive image for the family.


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