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Eagle One Protection's security guards pride themselves in being the watchful eyes and ears while you are away.  While technology can deter incidents from occurring, they cannot stop them.  We are here to do more than your camera and find what your alarm didn't catch.  In order to give you the best protection possible, we take a one-on-one approach by developing, supporting, or augmenting security systems. 


Eagle One Protection - Foot Patrol Guards

Foot patrol officers focus on one particular property location or area, walking it on foot, providing, for more safety protections and more complete and detailed observations of crimes or potential safety hazards.

•Armed-Security Officers

•Unarmed-Security Officers


Eagle One Protection - Mobile Vehicle Patrol

Mobile Patrol units are used to perform random, unannounced patrols of residential and commercial properties, and for quick response to different locations when summoned to address and immediate or emergency security problems.

•Marked Vehicle

• Unmarked Vehicle


How do you get away from this paradox?    Eagle One Protection is a multi-faceted contract security firm, licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety—Private Security Board.

We work to secure your employees, families, customers, visitors and assets without making your facility or property look like an armed prison.

Eagle One Protection's Security Environment Management Program delivers unique “Peace of Mind” in the context of the ambiance that you strive to project.  We safeguard the atmosphere of your property - on your terms.

The paradox of the private security industry is on one hand, proscribes methods for the protection of individuals and property from harm and theft.   On the other hand, it  is used for the purpose of personnel that the industry itself, proscribes as high risks when evaluating or surveying business operations. 


In the other words, it employs, as guards, the very types of people that it advises management that are high risks when used in such places as vaults, teller cages, jewelry packaging rooms, and in the movement of small, valuable items.  Yet, the makeup of security forces is often low-paid, low-quality, under educated, and untrained individuals. 


These individuals are entrusted with all the assets on the premises of the business that they are hired to protect.   Sometimes they have, greater undisturbed, unobserved access,  to these properties, than even the heads of the business.

Eagle One Protection is dedicated to earning your trust everyday, by minimizing risks to your environment.   Be it in your home, complex, office, and/or business, we will be there to protect.

Affordable Rates - We can work with you and find solutions for your budget .



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